Qimonda designs semiconductor memory technologies, as well as develops, manufactures, markets, and sells various semiconductor memory products on a chip, component, and module level.

I have joined a semiconductor manufacturing company called Qimonda NA in May 2008, thinking that my course work in Electrical Engineering and my experience in computer science is a perfect combination for an exciting experience.

Manufacturing Business Intelligence Practice

Hired as a Sr. Information Systems Engineer to be a part of manufacturing business intelligence team, my role was to manage and guide a team of Junior Information Systems Engineers, to design a new near real-time replication mechanism between factory transaction databases and data warehouse, design and develop master data management initiatives, employ Lean Six Sigma methodology in data warehouse design, development and maintenance activities, 24X7 support for Data Warehouses and as well as custom designed reporting applications.

My responsibilities included applying my deep experience in database and data warehouse development to provide low latency near real-time insights for line managers all over the globe as well as upper management to effectively manage and reduce glitches in manufacturing. I also had the responsibility of providing a master data repository to all business units around the world for process parameters to streamline new product development.

Key Accomplishments